Professional Experience

Professional Experience
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Professional Experience

01/1997-02/02/2009  AT&T ( SBC, PacificBell)

Los Angeles, CA
Account Manager, Sales Manager- Team Leader
Current status on  sales team: 1st Place YTD with AT&T. Started as an Account Executive and was quickly promoted to Account Manager. Based on my past experience, I was then promoted to a Sales Manager and have 9 years managing at AT&T. Capable of leading a team in the following roles: Account Manager “Farmer” positions; “Hunter” type positions; face to face sales; face to face consultative type sales; cold calls over the phone. Good understanding of what it takes to run a successful sales team and the importance of teaming with other departments. Exceeded sales quota consistently and have received many awards for being over 100% of quota.Proven Track Record: I have a good understanding of voice and data products and have a solid background in achieving results as a team leader. Proof of results will be furnished at interview along with testimonials based on my professional background and performance. Data Certified with AT&T ( DENM Certificate -Data Edge for the New Millennium.).

01/1992-10/1997 Lexi International – AT&T

Los Angeles, CA
Sales Director, Sales Manager
Sales Leader and Team Manager for the AT&T account. I was responsible for the business plan on growing a team from ZERO to a headcount of 250 employees and seven Supervisors. Five solid years of call center experience and direct sales. This company was lead by an industry leader,  Mr. Robin Richards, he was the CEO of a company that created MP3 music. Lexi International was then bought by Aegis. Mr. Richards was my mentor during the time I built he team.

Organized methods & procedures; structured business process plan for the multi-lingual sales team. Interviewed, hired and dealt with introductory aspects of the employees. Lead seven Supervisors with an average of 35 employees per team. Managed the complete team’s production by leading by example, assisted in sales training, PMA (  Positive Mental Attitude), and other techniques that help drive numbers. Bilingual, speak, read and write in Spanish. Have worked closely with employees, in which languages have varied up to 30 different dialects from around the world. I have a basic understanding of the different cultures, including Chinese, Korean, and Armenian. Have dealt in a variety of serious Human Resource issues and am a professional at conflict resolution.

Successful on Special Projects assigned to my team by the CEO. I received an A&T recommendation for successfully leading and meeting project objectives. Company President and the AT&T Regional Manager have personally written individual letters of recommendation based on my team performance and leadership Available upon request..

Positive, Persistent, Punctual, and Professional. One of the biggest attributes that I can bring to your organization is my positive attitude and determination to win. I energize others with a great attitude as well as customers.

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