About George

About George
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About George

Thank you so much for checking this page about George Rodriguez.

George Rodriguez has had experience working for top Fortune 500 companies and
brings that level of expertise to LA computers & Security Cameras in Los Angeles, Ca.

He is currently the Director of Operations for LA Computers & has responsibility to
overseeing two seperate departments for Security Camera & Computer Network Installation
& Services.

It is important to work with a company that you can trust with years or experience in the technology
field. It is just as important to know information about the Director of Operations that will oversee your
account when doing business with LA computers. Below you will find letters of Testimonials regarding
George Rodriguez and his Commitment to Excellence.

TESTIMONIALS:  About George Rodriguez:
Here are a few testimonials from his professional business associates throughout the past years.
( all testimonials are verifiable, here are a few…)

“He has a strong commitment to excellence and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Rick R.


He often does not need guidance or supervision, but willingly accepts it when offered. He is consistently successful in improving
His skills as a leader, mentor and team member and he works hard to do so.

Eric C.

“George has a tremendous passion for succeeding and he does so in a positive way that drives others to succeed.”

Suzanne L.

“He is an individual who everyone seems to know can handle a difficult situation and come out with Positive results…He is a top leader, respected and valued by his peers and customers as well. He can balance any situation. I would honor an opportunity to work with him again.”

Lee D.


“I have had the pleasure of knowing George for the past 4 years while working directly for him at AT&T for 1 of those years. George is an excellent, deadline oriented, open minded and customer focused manager who cannot be more dedicated to driving results from those who report to him. George exudes the kind of positive energy which helps everyone around him to enjoy their work. He is creative in finding solutions which prove to be a win-win for all parties involved. George has what it takes to be successful in everything he does.”

Stephen R


“I observed his team management skills, which I learned a great deal from, including his ability to motivate his team under the toughest of times. Besides being a joy to work with, George is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several marketing plans for our group that have resulted in increased revenue. During his leadership, his team saw an increase in profits that exceeded all targets. The new revenue his team realized was a direct result of the plans implemented by him. Though he was an asset to our sales leadership efforts, George was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of our division. In addition to writing effective training modules for sales representatives, George assumed a leadership role in team meetings, inspiring and motivating his peers. “

James N.


“I worked with George and he was a tremendous mentor and motivator. I learned volumes by observing him infect his team and the teams around him with energy and enthusiasm to go out generate new business. I am now a General Manager and I would hire/promote George in a heartbeat.”

Chris S.


George is valued by the businesses he interacts with because of his vast knowledge of technology and also, because he is a good listener and communicator. It was a pleasure working along side George to manage his existing accounts. He not only brought in new accounts but he made it a point to continue to be involved with his accounts after the sale was complete. He delivers what he promises and makes sure that you always know what new products and services are available to maximize your value.He provides great leadership and direction to his accounts and to his business colleagues.

Dave C.

He is very customer focused and delivers results consistently. George continuously learns new information to better position himself and his Sales Team, which is always over 100% in Sales!!. He is also a team player who is very willing to help out his peers.

David S.


George is an enthusiastic, dedicated individual with reliable work habits. George is always willing to pitch in to help the team, and he gets the job done right the first time. He is efficient in planning projects, punctual in meeting deadlines, and conscientiously adheres to company standards and guidelines. He typically exceeds expectations and welcomed the challenge.

Andrew S.

“George is a driven and ambitious manager. George demands nothing less than excellence from those that report to him. George has an unrelenting drive to succeed and maintains a high level of energy in that pursuit.”

Baron G

As a role model, George Rodriguez has also been a school mentor to many young adults throughout the years.

He has also contributed to many charities:

* St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
* Red Cross
* Chase Foundation ( helping Hospitalized Children & their Families)
* The National Breast Cancer Foundation
* Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ( Sheriff & Family needed help to pay for his medication)
* Los Angeles Homeless: George Rodriguez has involved his Family to help and personally deliver food to over 200
homeless in the Los Angeles downtown area.

He is a Family man with Children and works hard to be a role model for them as well!

George Rodriguez

George Rodriguez will work hard  to ensure your business is in good hands and commit to get the job done right.

Please contact George Rodriguez today at (213)761-7900

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