Social Media

Social Media
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Social Media

Social Media can do a lot for small businesses? People will get to know you and like you. Social Media is a great way to do your marketing and help brand your company name.

Increase traffic
New subscribers to your newsletter & RSS feeds
Marketing Exposure
Increase Linking
Improve customer service

Here is a general overview of Social Media and a couple of samples.

  1. Social news websites: Digg, Reddit, Kirtsy, twitter
  2. Social sharing websites” pictures and video: Flickr, YouTube
  3. Social networking sites: LinkedIn, Facebook
  4. Social answer sites: Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia
  5. Social bookmarking sites save your favorite web sites online: Delicious, Stumble Upon

The world has changed, you have to change with it.

Social Media is a crucial today more than ever in order for a business to have the edge in today’s market.

I can help you develop a strong online presence.

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