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Business management is extremely important in order to get the necessary production from your sales teams. I interview with the management team to review how things are being measured, reporting, tracking methods and coaching plans that are utilized in order to have the employees achieve their goals.

The extensive experience that I bring to the table comes from a Corporate background with at&t on through being self employed with 16 employees for my business.

My corporate background has provided me experience in many areas that range from Human resources, Management and Sales staffing. I have worked in many extensive areas by executing plans of action, business presentations on thorough developing company policy Methods and Procedures.

Here is a summary of some of the topics that will be covered for Sales training, customized to meet you Sales Staff needs.


Role of Management
Sales Management
Leadership and Team building
Hiring Staff
Defining Job Descriptions
Selling Process
Training Team members
Working with other Departments
Role Playing Scenarios
Time Management
Sales Reports and IT
Management Styles
Future Trending

I can also be contracted to manage teams temporarily until, you hire your fulltime management team.

The levels that I can fulfill can range from a small to extremely large teams.
I can also manage at most management levels that range from director to leading a region.
When I meet with the leadership team, we can discuss the company needs and a plan based on what the company is looking to achieve.

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