George Rodriguez

George Rodriguez is committed to providing all customers excellent service and
making sure that our company goes “Above & Beyond” when serving our new &
existing cleints.

George Rodriguez is currently the Director of Operations for a complete technology
company and overseeing two separate Departments for LA Computers.

Security Camera Installation:  Surveillance & Security Cameras;

Computer Networks: Computer Network Management;
GPS Vehicle Tracking;SEO Marketing & Web design

About George Rodriguez:
George Rodriguez was mentored for five years by an amazing world known leader, Mr. Robin Richards.  Mr. Robin Richards, who recently sold The NTI Group to Blackboard, and was previously the CEO of Vivendi Universal Net USA, the founding president and COO of, and managing director at

During his mentor-ship, Mr. Robin Richards, challenged George Rodriguez to develop and grow a team from zero to 250 employees in less than three years. This challenge was successfully achieved and George Rodriguez continued to lead his team to achieve sales for a large corporate client, AT&T.   During this time, George Rodriguez and his team were recognized for their achievements and his leadership role. George Rodriguez received a personalized letter of recommendation commending his leadership and achievement of results.

During this growing period, George Rodriguez was able to experience many aspects of business from employee management on through strong leadership skills in business from a great admired leader known world wide.

George Rodriguez was then hired by a Corporate Giant, AT&T. He had spent most of his time  in a leadership role for ten years and has been involved in all aspects of technical sales and business marketing. During this time period, George Rodriguez had gained experience in many aspects of the business from a corporate structure perspective. His experience and job requirements ranged from Account, Executive, Account Manager, Senior Account Manager, Project Manager on through his leadership role as a Regional Sales Manager for 10 years.

During this time, George Rodriguez had a great experience, he had achieved, together with his team, forty documented awards congratulating achievements that all tied into customer relations and accomplishing goals.  Additionally,  he is personally recommended by many industry leaders and colleagues based on his past performances, professional demeanor, leadership skills and sales track record.

As a role model in corporate business, George Rodriguez has also been a school mentor to many young adults throughout the years and has contributed to many charities and has served the community.

* St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
* Red Cross
* Chase Foundation ( helping Hospitalized Children & their Families)
* The National Breast Cancer Foundation
* Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ( Sheriff & Family needed help to pay for Sheriff’s Cancer  medication)
* Los Angeles Homeless: George Rodriguez has involved his Family to help and personally deliver food to over 200
homeless in the Los Angeles downtown area.

George Rodriguez

In conclusion, George Rodriguez is available as a consultant for the following areas of expertise in any areas of the technical aspects of Networks and Surveillance systems.

Please contact George Rodriguez for any questions in regards to your business needs.

Thank you for taking time to read this information.